Project Logistics

  • Project Logistics
  • Project Logistics

UCL Global has been the comprehensive management of major mining, energy and construction projects, among others. We can collaborate in EPCMs and EPCs to generate global project management solutions.

The result is supported by a solid multidisciplinary structure with extensive experience in logistics, expert handling of IT tools, legal advice, specialized consulting on customs procedures and management of operational infrastructures assigned to each project.

  • Comprehensive supply chain management
  • Linear integration
  • Tracking, from the moment the purchase order is placed
  • EPC and EPCM partnerships and synergies
  • International Freight Management
  • Customs Management at origin and destination
  • Transportation of cargo with special measures and weights
  • Insurance policy throughout the supply chain up the jobsite
  • Risk control, assessment and forecast
  • Specialization
  • Legal and technical support